Beaches - Places to visit

  • Palm tree VAI

    Vai is a large sandy beach placed on the eastern side of Crete. This beach has gained popularity due to the large palm tree forest which lies till the seashore. It is a unique forest of palm trees Phoenix Theophrastii and, in fact, constitutes the only palm tree forest in Europe. The palm forest of Vai consists of more than 5,000 trees and extends for about 250 hectares. It forms an impressive landscape since this lush greenery is combined to a golden beach with crystal clean waters.

  • Kato Zakros
    A large and relaxing beach, Kato Zakros is located about 47 km east of Sitia, on the eastern side of Lassithi. It is a lovely bay surrounded by short vegetation and wild cliffsides.  This beach is located at a distance of 8 km from Zakros, one of the prettiest villages in Lassithi. There you will find beautiful taverns with delicious fresh fish and cafes.

  • Kouremenos Beach

    Kouremenos beach is the longest beach of Palekastro area (1.5 km length) is only 2 km far from Palekastro and 20 from Sitia. It is sandy and the bottom is ideal for divers.
    The lovers of windsurfing are attracted by it, as it is famous all around Europe for this sport. There is also a windsurfing school there. There are also tavernas and cafes.

  • Itanos Beach
    Itanos beaches are located 2 km north from Vai, 8 from Palekastro and 26 from Sitia. The sandy beach of the ancient town of Itanos or Erimoupolis. There is another longer sandy beach that you can get to - on foot - over the low hill to your left, where the main road stops. In fact, there are 3 beaches here: the first is the one at the end of the road, the second is reached walking to the north and the third is also reached walking south behind the small fortress. The third one is also suitable to spend time under the shade of the palm-trees.
  • Gorge of the Dead
    Zakros marks the very end of the the long distance walking route named the E4 path, which is throughout Europe and goes through the Gorge of Zakros. It is found at the far east of the Crete in the Lasithi region. The Gorge of Zakros also named the Gorge of the Dead is of outstanding beauty, with large caves in its walls. In those caves were discovered tombs from the Minoan period, and finds of great archaeological importance, hence the name of Gorge of the Dead.

  • Archaeological Area of Kato Zakros
    The palace at Zakros is the fourth in terms of size, among the Minoan palaces. It was located at an advantageous strategic position, at a protected bay, and was the centre of commercial exchange with the countries of the East, as is indicated by the excavation finds (elephants' tusks, faience, copper etc.) It has two main building phases: the old palace was built in c. 1900 BC, and the new one in c. 1600 BC, but was destroyed in 1450 BC along with the other centres of Minoan Crete. The palace was the administrative, religious and commercial centre, and was surrounded by the town.